Online Ordering FAQ'S


I can't get the coupon code to work when I order online!

Make sure you have selected the correct menu section- For custom pizzas use "Build Your Pizzas", for Specialty Pizzas use "Specialty Pizzas"


NOTE: Coupon codes do not work for the "Better Ready Carryout" Menu section-

Use "Build Your Pizza" and select your pizza topping(s)


Common Online Error Codes:


Error Code: This coupon is either invalid or expired

Cause: You may have entered the code incorrectly like 3.99 instead of 399, or the code is Now Expired


Error Code: You have not ordered the item necessary to use this coupon

Please check the coupon.


If the Total is Wrong, you may have added extra toppings or additional menu items.


Do you have Gluten Free Crusts?

NO- we have "Almost Gluten Free". We Can't Guarantee a 100% Gluten Free Experience with our Almost Gluten Free Crust since we make our own wheat flour based pizza dough 5-20 times per day in our local kitchens.


DO NOT Order our Almost Gluten Free crust if you have a serious gluten allergy. Our Almost Gluten Free crust reduces greatly the amount of gluten in our pizza crust.


Do I have to order Better Ready Pizzas?

Ordinarily No- Our goal is to have them fresh, hot and ready to go. We do have customers that will buy 5-10 + at once, so to be sure you can pre- order online at eurekapizza.com or via phone. (Online select the "Better Ready Carryout Only" section of the menu.


Where can I find nutritional information on your pizza?

View nutritional information here.


How Many Slices in a Pizza?

Our Large and Medium Pizzas have 8 slices each- we are happy to cut Large Pizzas into 12 slices if requested.



GREAT! We specialize in large pizza orders- nobody has bigger ovens than we do!  We have a special web site with large order information.


Can I repeat my last order with online ordering?

YES!  This is a popular feature


Can you save my payment info?

Yes!!!   If you are using a debit or credit card our secure, encrypted, off-site server can save your payment info speeding up checkout,

on your future orders.




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