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Our Meat Toppings are

made by Tyson®!

Wholesome Real Cheese


No artificial flavors or preservatives in our cheese! We use 100% Real Mozzarella Cheese, made with rich, pure and wholesome American milk. Our cheese is packed with protein and calcium.  Did you know it takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese?


Our cheese is made for Eureka Pizza® and is the secret to our success. It is richer and creamier than the ordinary cheese you'll find at other pizzerias.

Our cheese is fresh, creamy and delicious!


Why take a chance with mystery cheese "blends" at other pizzerias?



Homemade Dough

Our original hand-tossed Dough is homemade by us in our local kitchens. We slowly knead our dough for exactly 9 minutes to develop maximum flavor. We make our fresh dough every single day (5-20 times a day!), and slow proof it using pure, natural yeast for superior quality and texture. Yeast is considered man’s oldest friend.  Hieroglyphics suggest that that ancient Egyptians were using yeast and the process of fermentation to produce alcoholic beverages and to leaven bread over 5,000 years ago.


We think our crust is the best hand-tossed crust in America.  We use the best hard winter wheat grown right here in the United States, and it’s milled nearby in beautiful Shawnee, Oklahoma. Our flour is naturally high in protein- for your good health.


Did you know Domino's® , Pizza Hut® Papa John's® wastefully truck their pre-made (factory made) dough in from another state???


What could be worse for the environment??? (And for the pizza!)


Our dough is made fresh in our local kitchens everyday- from 5-20 times per day! You can taste the difference freshness makes at Eureka Pizza®.


Fresh-Packed Sauce

Eureka Pizza® uses fresh-packed, hand-selected Roma tomatoes, grown in the California sunshine, to make our delicious, traditional red pizza sauce and we add no citric acid- making our sauce easier on your stomach.


Pizza Hut®, Domino's® use re-manufactured industrial tomato paste with added citric acid for their pre-made sauce.... yuck.


Our secret recipe sauce is batch mixed in our local kitchens everyday. We use only the best and most flavorful herbs, spices and rich Parmesan and Romano Cheese to make our pizza sauce unique, tasty and delicious for our refined customers to enjoy.


Did you know cooked tomatoes are loaded with cancer reducing Lycopene? Essential for your good health.


Try our White Pesto Style Pizza sauce for a great change of pace...

No extra charge!


Meat Pizza Toppings

We use delicious USDA Pizza Toppings. Our meat pizza toppings are seasoned to perfection with premium herbs and spices,

Chef selected for a hearty and savory taste that you will love.


Made by our local friends at Tyson®.


Have you tried our Meatfest? It is delicious- made with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef and smoked ham.


Did you know that pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping?


Fresh Vegetables

U.S. #1 Sweet Red Onions (not cheaper yellow onions like the big chains), Green Peppers & Farm-fresh Mushrooms and  Fresh-sliced Roma Tomatoes.


Take The Eureka Challenge!

We proudly put our pizzas up against any other pizzeria in town, regardless of the price. Simply buy our pizza and compare us against the competition. We're confident that you'll be impressed with Eureka Pizza. If not we will cheerfully refund your purchase price... every penny!


Try Our THIN Crust

In addition to our original hand-tossed crust, We have a thin and crisp thin crust- Just ask!  It is DELICIOUS!!  (Gluten free available*)


Our thin crust cuts the

carbs nearly in half!


Photo Credit: Bob Wilkin



Pizza Boxes made in

Fort Smith

Rolf with Football Player

Eureka Pizza began on Leverett Avenue in Fayetteville

in a former DX Service Station.


Eureka Pizza was founded in 1992 by Rolf Wilkin, while a graduate student at the University of Arkansas.


Rolf was encouraged to excel at cooking by his mother Elsie as a child and he soon impressed family and friends with his passion and creativity in the kitchen. Rolf and his professional team are dedicated to making affordable, high-quality, delicious pizzas for local families.


Rolf studied Pizza Production at the world renown American Institute of Baking (AIB), universally considered the "Harvard of Baking".  Rolf is a 2 time winner of the Arkansas Culinary Classic, a culinary contest showcasing Arkansas' Best Professional Chefs.  Rolf began his business career in Fayetteville in 1988 as founder of The Razorbucks Coupon Book, a publication that served University of Arkansas students, faculty and local small businesses.


Eureka Pizza is  famous for serving high-quality, homemade pizza. We’re proud to make our pizza sauce from scratch in our local kitchens everyday using the best fresh-packed tomatoes on earth (not cheap concentrate like the big chains). We blend in herbs, spices and Parmesan cheese to make our sauce delicious from the very first bite of pizza.  We make our original and best selling hand-tossed pizza dough in our kitchens daily (usually 5-20 times a day!) Using pure, natural yeast for a light, airy crust packed with authentic flavor. Our dough rises slowly for over 48 hours. We use only delicious 100% Real Mozzarella Cheese for great taste.


We support our local economy by purchasing our meat toppings from Tyson®. Our pizza boxes are printed & made locally in Fort Smith by Craig Box.


Our mission is to serve the highest quality pizza at the lowest possible price.

We have won numerous awards for our commitment to excellence including “Best Pizza” many times and “Business of the Year”.  We’re supporters of many charitable organizations and worthy causes throughout our local area. We encourage our team members to get involved in the community.


Eureka Pizza consists of nearly 200 hard-working local, positive team members that are dedicated to high quality pizza and great customer service.
















Eureka Pizza is a Charter Member of Local Trade Partners, the Cashless Community, serving Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley with nearly 800 local member locations and Rolf is the Founder and serves as the Executive Director.


Rolf is passionate about helping fellow small businesses succeed in these exciting and challenging times. He is a Certified Trade Broker (CTB), the highest accreditation in the industry.


Eureka Pizza has been voted “Best Pizza” numerous times.  Eureka Pizza is a past “Northwest Arkansas Business of the Year”, awarded by the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal.   He is a former “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”, awarded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for the 5 state region (Region VI- Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico)


He currently serves as the Chairman elect of the Arkansas Hospitality Association and is President elect of the Arkansas Restaurant Association, He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE).  He serves on the Ethics Committee of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA)  He is Past President and a member of the Springdale Rotary Club, a member of the Fayetteville- Springdale Elks Club, and is past President of the Washington Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), an Eagle Scout, and a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.


Rolf has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Finance) from Louisiana State University and post- graduate work at the University of Arkansas.  Rolf studied Pizza Production at the American Institute of Baking. Rolf and his wife Ceri, a native of Hamilton, New Zealand, live in Fayetteville with their 3 children.  He enjoys cooking, bicycling, weight lifting, reading, hunting & sports.


Please feel free to call our Offices in Fayetteville if you have any concerns or questions.  479-444-8282 ext. 101 or toll free 877-224-3733 ext. 101.  Thanks!


Please Try our Pizzas-


One taste and you'll agree-

We're Local & Better!



We appreciate your business and thanks for supporting a

local business.

Our overriding goal is to make our customers happy and proud to do business with Eureka Pizza.


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We're Local & Better.

Meat Toppings

by Tyson ®

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100% Real Cheese

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